Monday, November 1, 2021

Im back! October 2021 summary

 I havent been active with the blog for quite a while. Lets quickly check what has happened in those 4 years.

- Strategy is still the same - to get more and more dividend paying stocks :)

- Stock portfolio has pretty much tripled since the last blog post and so have the dividends!

- I have also bought some cryptocurrencies since 2017, I will write a different post about my strategy and experience with them

- Still investing in p2p loans

Why did the stock market increase in December so much? - Quora

October 2021 summary (all sums reported are after tax)

Total passive income: 402,38 EUR

Stocks: 198,2 EUR

MAIN 24,69 USD

KO 21,42 USD

MO 68,85 USD

O 30,09 USD

CAH 16,69 USD

PEP 45,53 USD

LEG 23,2 USD

QYLD 16,71 USD

P2P lending: 204,18 EUR

Mintos 116,78 EUR

Peerberry 87,4 EUR

I managed to save 87% of my income this month

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