Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Month summary: March 2016

Average month, nothing big happened. I bought 140 shares of Ford Motor (F) stocks at the price of 12,21 EUR per stock which should yield around 10% after taxes.

Savings rate was really good at 86,2%. A big help was that I broke my all time active income record this month as well :)

And the passive incomes were following:

Mintos 24,4 EUR which is also a new record from there.
Bondora 11,8 EUR and I slowly take money out from there, current portfolio is a bit over 1000 EUR
Dividends Chevron corp paid me 15,44 EUR
Estateguru 5,63 EUR from Pakri project.
And some other ivestments paid me 32 EUR

Total 88,95 EUR

Upcoming months should make a big leap in passive incomes because Baltic stocks will pay their dividends. They pay just once per year so the sum will be big.

Future plans are to keep buying dividend stocks and at the moment Im not planning to add any more money into crowdfunding sites.

Weather is getting a lot warmer and Ive spent a lot of time on my roadbike, I love the speed :)
Now its time to head to the stadium to run some sprints and practice some street workout strength skills.

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