Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Month summary: October 2016

At the start of every month I will make a small summary of my previous month. I will report my passive incomes and then will make a small summary what I think about the previous month, check for mistakes that have been made and how to improve my portfolio in the future.

Passive incomes: 89,22 EUR

Stocks- 10,11 EUR
MAIN 10,11 EUR

Only one stock paid me dividends this month, quiet month. But next year it will be better as I bought some shares of KO in September, too bad that I bought them after the ex div date so I didnt get any dividends yet. In October I got myself 40 shares of Altria (MO) for the price of 61,7 USD per share. This buy added 97,6 USD to my annual dividend income, I bought them after the ex div date so I didnt get any dividends in this month. There was also a dividend cut from STON, they cut their dividend 50% which decreased my annual dividend income by 112,2 USD. Bad news but another example that you shouldnt chase the yield, if its too high then a dividend cut in the near future is very likely to happen.

P2P lending-
Mintos- 69,04 EUR (6342 EUR in platform)
Bondora- 9,6 EUR (1097 EUR in platform)
Viventor 0,47 EUR (52,29 EUR in platform)

Didnt add nor withdraw any money from P2P platforms, just reinvested the interests.

Real estate crowdfunding-
Estateguru- 0 (470 EUR in platform)

In Estateguru I have invested in 2 loans which will be paid back with interest in 2017 spring/summer.

Savings from income 88,5%
Stock portfolio market value 37 184,99 EUR
Total value of portfolios combined 44 676 EUR
Projected average monthly income after tax 243 EUR

Overall the month was great. I havent used my car since August and it has improved my savings rate. Im actually planning to sell my car and commute with my bike through the winter. It will be harder with all the snow but I just need to get out of my comfort zone :) Im sure that its much more fun to cycle in snow than sit behind traffic lights and constantly look at the car in front of me.
In October I cycled for transport (not including training distance) 282km + around 30-40km total for smaller rides. I got an interesting thought from the book Early Retirement Extreme that cycling is used for transport and recreational use but running is seen only as recreational only, why not run as a way of transport. So I tried it on the last day of October, I ran 3,6km (1,8+1,8km) as a way of transport (average speed was 12kmh compared to 23-26 with commuting bike) and I will use it more in the future :) I mostly train on bikes and in the gym but this is a great way to improve my running ability.


  1. Nice haul for a passive income total from various sources. Nice additions of some solid dividend payers going forward. Ko and MO should serve you well for many years to come. Keep sticking with the boring lower yielding stocks and long term you'll avoid most of the dividend cuts. No one is immune from cuts. They happen to all of us. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Yeah, I know that growth is better than yield but I still had to burn myself with greed to high yields.