Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Month summary: March 2017

At the start of every month I will make a small summary of my previous month. I will report my passive incomes and then will make a small summary what I think about the previous month, check for mistakes that have been made and how to improve my portfolio in the future.

Passive incomes: 240,03 EUR

Stocks total- 129,54 EUR

MAIN 11,01 USD
CVX 17,44 USD
HCP 16,35 USD
F 23,8 USD
IBM 20,23 USD
TGT 14,79 USD
FLO 27,2 USD
O 9,84 USD

P2P lending-
Mintos-70,95 EUR
Bondora- 6,42 EUR
Viventor - 0,4 EUR

Real estate crowdfunding-
Estateguru- 32,72 EUR

Savings from income 74,6%

Short summary:
Spring is finally showing its first signs and fortunately TGT price melted with the snow! I managed to add 51 shares of it at 53,4 USD per share. Now Im holding a total of 80 shares. 350 EUR went into Mintos making my portfolio worth 7000 EUR on the platform. Its possible to invest in different currencies there now and I converted 150 EUR into GEL and later that into PLN as there was no loans in GEL after I got paid back. April will crush a new personal best in monthly passive income :) Its incredible how fast the snowball is growing! In the first three months of 2017 Ive already earned more passive income than in 2015 total!

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