Saturday, August 1, 2015

Month summary: July 2015

Another busy and active month with a lot of aggressive investing.


This month I managed to save 82,5% of my incomes. 1% improvement over the last month but actually incomes were bigger in june but I had to buy a new washing machine then so thats why the % is almost the same in the last 2 months.

Passive incomes

This month was the best month so far in passive incomes. The total was 159,13 EUR

Huge improvement over the last months but that was because SFG paid its annual dividends where I got 120 EUR. I bought the stock in the beginning of the month. Another stock I bought was BBEP in a small amount of 150 shares, this one is a bit more of a gamble really which could pay off really well in a year or two.
Im planning to buy some more baltic stocks soon but most of the prices are still quite high at the moment, I want the dividend yield of the stock to be at least 6,5%
I might want to get some ETFs soon too, but I will have to research them a bit more before buying anything.

From Bondora I got 20,55 EUR interest, I havent added any money in there but I keep reinvesting the interests. Bondora is ok but my total is still negative because of some really bad decisions in the beginning when I started using it. My mistake was to give out 50 EUR loans to low grade borrowers, but at the time the bondora rating system was much different so I couldnt know it.

Mintos paid 7,95 EUR of interest and I really like it so far, I added another 600 EUR at the end of the month there and now I have 1900 EUR + 9,27 EUR interests invested in there. Next month the payments should be even better :)

One of my goals this year was to have over 3000 EUR in p2p lending sites and Mintos+Bondora is at 3197 EUR, goal achieved! :)

Estateguru paid me 10,63 EUR. I have invested in only 1 project at the moment. I wanted to invest into the new project in the end of the month but it got filled before I even got to make any research about it. It was an interesting one for me because I live close to the building. Im quite positive that Im going to invest into new projects when they come though, lets wait and see!

I also lent some money to a friend for 18 months. Small interest will come from there too.

Total investments at the moment stand at 9243 EUR, really close to my 13000 EUR portfolio goal which I wanted to achieve by the end of the year, I should be able to achieve it much sooner :)

In the next months I will continue aggressive investing, hopefully I can get some stocks for cheap in fall. Have to be patient.

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