Tuesday, July 28, 2015

My diet, intermittent fasting results

For the last 2 months Ive been busy shredding some fat off from my body.

And currently I look like this (28th July 2015):

Theres many ways to change your body like this and theres a way for everyone that suits him/her the best. But my favourite method by far is intermittent fasting. IF also has many approaches, Ive tried 2 so far.
24h weekly fast - I did it by not eating anything from 7pm on wednesday until 7pm on thursday. It had good results but I didnt like it that much.

16/8 daily fast - every night when we sleep we fast and Im just extending that fast by skipping breakfast and having my first meal after 3pm (on some days I also train before eating). 16/8 means that every day I have 8 hours to eat and 16 hours to fast, so when my first meal is at 3pm then I shouldnt eat anything after 11pm. This is my favourite way and currently Ive been on it for over 2 months. Fat burns off and Ive been getting stronger which is really hard to achieve while losing weight.

IF is not for everyone but I personally like bigger meals, I like to eat myself full instead of snacking small bites every hour and being hungry the whole day. I usually have 3 bigger meals and the best time to have the biggest one of them is right after training.

Ive also recommended IF to some of my clients and so far theyve loved it :) they also feel much more energetic like I do.

If youre interested then you can contact me (mart.martson91@gmail.com) and we can build an IF plan that fits your schedule and needs whether you want to burn fat or gain muscle.

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