Thursday, October 1, 2015

Month summary: September 2015

Summer is over and weather is getting colder... I got to feel some last summer warmth in Hungary where it still was +28C. Of course it started raining when I arrived and it also rained when I had my competition. After all it was still a very fun trip which motivated me to start training harder again and compete in higher level :)

Lets look at the investments now.

At first my savings rate was at 86,7% which is good because I had to repair my car this month and the trip to Hungary cost a bit as well (I managed to save on food during the trip as food in Poland, Hungary and Slovakia was MUCH cheaper). Savings rate is high because I managed to earn more in september than average - had some bike shows and worked a lot as always.

Lets look at the passive incomes!

Lets start with P2P loans. In bondora I earned 21,8 EUR and mintos made me 17,52 EUR. Both of them are new highs for me. I might add some more money into those sites but I havent decided on it yet.
Estateguru made me 5,63 EUR as last month, next month there is an increase expected as I invested into one other project in august.
And one other loan paid me 16 EUR interest, this one will continue for another 17 months.

From stocks I got 4,8 EUR dividends from BBEP.
I bought 325 shares of TKM1T from the baltic stock market, they will pay dividends once per year so I can expect a bigger pay in spring. Chevron corp. will pay 4x per year so I can expect dividend payment sooner too as I bought 19 shares of CVX- this buy also achieved one of my goals to invest total 13000 EUR this year, I have invested over 15 000 now! Im planning to buy more dividend stocks from the baltic and US market every month now. Ill buy whatever is cheap at the given moment.

Total passive income was 65,7 EUR for September which is a good improvemet over August.

My portfolio stands at 15070,62 EUR and its divided mostly into stocks

Lets see where I will invest next month. I dont have a strict plan at the moment other than buying mostly stocks but I might put some more into mintos and/or bondora and/or estateguru. Only plan is to keep investing :) and continue doing it aggressively.

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