Friday, September 25, 2015

Competition in Hungary

Last sunday I was at a competition in Debrecen, Hungary. I didnt know anything about the comp until the organizer sent me an invitation. I decided to go and it was very motivating for me.
It was raining all morning and other classes had to ride in rain. Luckily for the Elite class riders the rain stopped and sections started to dry up, some of them were still quite slippery though.
Slippery sections and rain wasnt as big problem as was my forearms. I got really really strong arm pump and it was just impossible to ride. I felt like I cant use the brakes and every second my grip will slip and I will crash. That cost me a lot of points but fortunately I still made it into the finals.
I drank a lot of water and rest my forearms and I managed to climb from 6th to 5th position in the final. It was an ok result but I know that I could be on the 2nd place without the forearm problem. But I can only blame myself for not training my forearm stamina, Ive had this problem before but not as bad. First place would have been impossible for me as the winner Hegedus Laszlo was just too strong as he should be being the top 4 rider in Europe.

Now Im highly motivated for the next season and I will prepare for it much better, I already made myself an 8 month training plan. In 2016 I want to ride as many world cups and probably the world championships as well.

A video of one of the sections

Time to train hard!

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