Monday, November 2, 2015

Month summary: October 2015

October went by really fast, I almost even didnt notice when the month was already over.
I finally made myself a proper plan to lose that extra fat, I wasnt going anywhere without a plan but Ill talk about this and some nice low calorie snacks in another post :)

Lets look at the financial side now.
I managed to save 74% of my income in October. Worse than last month but its because I did some emotional buys but I dont regret them as I like to sometimes buy stuff too not just save. Its good to save for the future but you have to live in the moment as well not only think about the future.

Passive incomes

Bondora made me 23,26 EUR which is a new record :) And I didnt invest any extra money on the platform as they change something all the time and I dont want to read about all the changes so often. I want it to be passive.

Mintos hit a new record as well with 21,46 EUR. On that platform I actually added 200 EUR in October and I will get some more on it in the future as I really like the buyback system and the new Georgian 1 month loans with 12% interest are really nice as well.

Estateguru got me 12,63 EUR. I didnt add any extra money but I do have 400 EUR sitting on my account waiting for a project. I like the ones paying monthly interest more so I havent invested it yet.

Stocks paid me 4,8 EUR  dividends again. The only one paying was BBEP. I also bought 130 shares of TVEAT on the baltic market at the price of 13,6 EUR per share. This should add 117 EUR extra yearly income as dividends.

And one other loan got me 16 EUR of interest.

Its nice to see that the passive incomes are growing and growing! 

My portfolio stands at 16595 EUR and its mostly in stocks (67%):

Hopefully next month will be even better!

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