Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Stock buy!

This time I bought 37 shares of ONEOK (OKE) at the price of 34,42 USD per share with a 7,15% yield. The company has increased its dividend for 13 years straight and hopefully continues to do so.
The stock prices in the energy sector are just too sweet at the moment to not buy them. Although it would be good to diversify my portfolio between different sectors a bit more. Theres a few stocks that I would really like to buy in the future, on of them is Coca-Cola company (KO) for example and other companies that have a good dividend growth rate.  Dividend growth rate is actually one of the main things I look in a company before buying their stock, Its perfect to have your passive income rise 5-10% every year without adding any stocks in your portfolio.

This month I will do at least 1 more stock buy, Ill check for something with a good price at the given moment.

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