Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Month summary: November 2015

Another month that went by quite fast. Lets get straight to the numbers.

I managed to save 74,9% of my income which is worse than previous months, the reason is some unneccessary(some were actually necessary as well) spendings. Next month should be much better because Ive been reading www.mrmoneymustache.com blog and I got some inspiration from there, for example Im driving a lot less now and using my bike to go to work as often as possible :)

Also a good choice as Im still trying to lose some bodyfat, Im still not under 10% but I still have 1 more month to accomplish my goal :)

Passive incomes

Social lending
Bondora generated 18,29 EUR of income and Im definately not adding any more money into the platform, not sure if I will start taking out though.

Mintos made me 19,09 EUR , I added 200 EUR there this month and I will probably add some more money soon. I really like the buyback guarantee they give for a lot of the loans :)

Stocks paid 4,94 EUR dividends and all of it was from BBEP. Next month should be better because CVX will pay its quarterly dividends :)

And finally 16 EUR  from some other loans.

My portfolio, all investments combined is now worth almost 20k! Standing at 19605 EUR


One more step closer to being financially free :)
How was your month?

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