Thursday, December 10, 2015

Stock buy!

Just bought 52 shares of HCP at the price of 35,31 USD per share. Its a strong dividend champion that has increased its dividends for 30 years straight at an average rate of 3,1% per year. Current yield is over 6%
From now on I only have my eyes on dividend champions, contenders and a few other strong companies like Apple for example. I wont be buying any baltic stocks for a while because of a lack of their dividend strategies.

Oil prices have dropped again so I might get some more companies related to that as the prices have dropped. I dont like that I have a big amount of my stocks in the energy industry already though.


  1. Hi, what provider do you use to buy international stocks? How much they charge?

    Well built blog, easy to read and navigate. Thanks

  2. Hey,

    Im using LHV bank. The fees are usually around 20 EUR when buying for 1500-2000 EUR at once for US stocks and around 6-10 EUR for Baltic stocks.

    Thanks! :) motivates me to continue blogging