Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Month summary: december 2015 + small summary of year 2015

Writing this a bit later than usual but better late than never!

Lets have a quick look how my investments performed this month.

Interest gained 18,74 EUR and it will decrease because im slowly taking money out from there. I just prefer mintos and will start putting more money into there.

I love the buyback system and this month I got 24,74 EUR interest from there. Im slowly adding more money into there but my main focus is on stocks.

15,71 EUR dividends from CVX. And it seems like BBEP has discontinued paying dividends because of another big oil price drop. Im planning to buy more dividend champion stocks, some say its still a good idea to buy stocks in the energy sector but Id actually like to diversify a bit more and get stocks from another sectors. Ill keep an eye on the prices.

Not much to say about this one as I have still only invested in 1 project and it paid me 6,47 EUR of interest.

Total interest earned for the month is 81,66 EUR and the total for year 2015 is 597,06 EUR which is not bad as I started investing just this year :)

My next year goal is to grow my portfolio to 40k EUR and to raise my projected interest per month to 200 EUR. In order to do that the average yield should be around 6% (I count only dividends with stocks, not the price gain) which should be doable.

This year I managed to achieve all my financial goals except getting 2000 EUR into estateguru because there wasnt any projects I liked and the good ones were gone in seconds so I just was a bit too late.

Fitness related goals I didnt achieve mostly because I work too much (excuses, excuses I know). But im working 7 days a week, last month I had just 1 completely free day and before that I had one in September I think. Now I have a bit less work and can use more time to achieve my athletic perfomance goals, Ive also found a lot more motivation because I actually can train more- the more I train, the more motivated I get!
I will soon write all of my new goals on the goals page!
Stay tuned!

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