Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Month summary: January 2016

We had some proper snow in January and I bought some XC skiing equipment to ski. It means that I spent a bit more this month but I had a lot of work as well and managed to save 84,5% of my active income :)
Those who have wondered how is my savings rate so high and think I get a huge salary then I dont. But I work multiple jobs and Im pretty much working 7 days per week. Some workdays are 13 hours long for me and some are only 6 hours. Last 100% free day for me was on January the 1st and next one will be maybe in March.
How do I manage to work that much? All my jobs are related to something I love - sport/fitness/health and/or bikes.
At the moment Im okay working that much but someday in the future I would like to work maybe up to 20 hours per week but not more than that. The harder I work now, the sooner I can achieve my goals :)

About passive incomes now:

Bondora made me only 14,86 EUR in January and Im slowly taking money out from there and adding it to Mintos which made me 23,94 EUR in January. The reason why I prefer mintos is their buyback guarantee.
Stocks didnt pay any dividends this month but I bought 17 shares of Apple (AAPL) at the price of 97-98 USD per share. Im going to buy more stocks this month, I havent decided yet which to buy but it will probably be something from the dividend champions list.
I made my 2nd investment in Estateguru, this one wont get me any montly payments but will pay all the principal + interest in 15 months. My investment was small standing at 200 EUR. Pakri project paid me 8,13 EUR interest in January.

How my portfolio is divided at the moment:

How was your month? Were you working hard or already harvesting the results of your previous work? :)

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