Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Month summary: February 2016

Last cold month and it should start to get warmer now. I cant wait until its possible to go cycling on the roads and in the forest!

The savings rate for february was 77% which is still good. I bought a new mountain bike (because I got an amazing deal) and this took the savings rate down a bit. Otherwise it could be even better as other costs were lower than usual this month.

And the passive income total was 91,05 EUR which is divided between:

Bondora 14,36 EUR and Im slowly taking money out from there so the interest will get lower and lower each month.
I still like Mintos  and it made me 23,41 EUR. Im not adding any money there at the moment, I just keep reinvesting the interest.
Estateguru 5,63 EUR.

An my favourite class - the stocks!
I received dividends from 3 different companies:
Apple - 6,7 EUR
HCP - 23,25 EUR
OKE - 17,7 EUR

Total - 47,65 EUR

I bought 68 shares of OHI at the price of 28,35 EUR per share. It had a yield of 7,14% at the time when I bought it.

Also the prices for most of my stocks have risen quite a lot, especially the baltic ones. I will keep on buying aggressively strong dividend stocks from NYSE and Ive also started to look at the Nordic market.

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