Monday, May 2, 2016

Month summary: April 2016

April was really good for me as I made both active income and passive income personal records!
From my active income I managed to save 83,7%. My portfolio including all my investments is getting over 30 000 EUR now which means that I still have 8 more months to complete my goal to get my portfolio over 40 000 EUR in 2016. It should be doable!

Lets look at the passive income part now:

In social lending Bondora made me 15,19 EUR income and Im still taking money out from the platform and adding it to Mintos, which made me 24,45 EUR in April. I also added 400 more EUR into my mintos portfolio and I will add some more monthly from now on.

In real estate Pakri project was successful and I got all my principal paid back and it made me 3,7 EUR on the last month. Ill probaly invest the money back into Estateguru or put it into Mintos, I havent made up my mind yet.

One other investment made my 16 EUR of passive income.

And finally the dividends! TKM1T pays its dividends once per year so I got 337,48 EUR dividends from there. Other companies didnt pay me any dividends in April. From my other Baltic stock holdings Im expecting dividends in June and July, I probably wont buy any more Baltic stocks at the moment though, maybe something in Fall but not yet. Currently Im more focused on the US market and Im holding my eyes on the Nordic market as well.

Total passive income was 398,82 EUR which is 2/3 of my 2015 total passive income. Its just amazing how fast the snowball rolls and gets bigger! It gives me a lot of motivation to continue and I hope you got some extra motivation from it too!

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