Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Month summary: May 2016

The weather in may has been really good which means a lot of training outside! :) I also turned 25 years old which made me think about my current situation. Im in quite good position compared to other people in my age group as I can reach financial independence before age 30 if I keep up the good work. Or I could start working half time in a year!

Financially May has been really impressive, especially in my savings % which was 90,6%. I spent less and hit another active income personal best, thats a new record every month this year. It cant go up like this forever though, in June I doubt that I can hit another record, but you never know :)

In P2P sites Ive been very active as I started investing on a new platform: Viventor
Its a bit early to write a long review about it but at first glance it seems good but it can improve.

-All loans have a buyback guarantee (and they want to keep it that way)
-They communicate with investors. Owners are very helpful and answer all your questions fast, I actually spoke a bit with one of the founders
-Lots of short term loans (1 month)
-Very simple to use, especially when youre just starting with P2P lending sites

-If you like to invest manually then it takes A LOT of time as you have to confirm all the loans one by one. I like the system in mintos much more where you select all the loans and then confirm them all together.
-Interest rates are a bit lower compared to other platforms

At the moment I have 50 EUR on the platform and it has earned me 6 cents in 2 weeks. I invested in 1 month loans so next month I should get the whole 50 EUR back + interest.

From Bondora  I took 177 EUR out and now i have 1082 EUR left on the platform and I will keep it that way. The remaining cash made me 10,04 EUR in May.

Mintos I like the most thanks to high interest % and buyback guarantee. I added 1100 EUR on the platform and this means also a new record in interest earned which was 33,95 EUR.
Mintos is the platform I like the most at the moment, if you want to start investing there too then you can use my link. Which will make us both 20 EUR extra if you invest 1000 EUR or more in less than 90 days.

From Estateguru  I got some bonus money 5 EUR. If you want to start investing in Estateguru then feel free to use my link which will make us both 0,5% extra interest :)

And my favourite part: Stocks!

I bought 17 shares of IBM for 144 USD each with a 3,58% yield.

Dividends received:
-AAPL 7,27 EUR
-OHI 29,58 EUR
-MAIN 9,45 EUR
-OKE 17,23 EUR
-HCP 22,7 EUR

Total - 86,23 EUR

In June TVEAT will pay its dividends which means a bigger dividend income for that month as they pay their dividends annually.

Total passive income for May was 151,29 EUR

How was your month? Were you happy with it?


  1. That's an incredibly high savings rate. I'm impressed any time I read someone saving over 50% of their income. Nice to see your dividends rolling in too. I see we have HCP in common for the month. I'll be posting my results soon. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks!
      As Im still very young, my plan is to grind very heavily in the beginning as it is the hardest part. When the snowball is already rolling it gets easier and easier :)

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