Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Stock buy! TGT

Most of the stocks have a really high price at the moment but you can always find something that has a bit better price. This time it was TGT, another strong dividend champion in my portfolio from now. It has been raising dividends for 48 years in a row!

I got myself 29 shares at the price of 66,7 USD per share with a 3,36% yield, raising my annual income by 65 USD. If Target keeps raising their dividend at the same pace (average for the last 17 years has been 16%) then next year my dividend payment will jump to around 70-73 USD!


  1. Nice purchase. I bought more TGT shares this week as well.

    1. Thanks! After my purchase I noticed that many other bloggers had made the same buy as the price is quite good at the moment.

  2. Thanks for sharing your recent buy with us. Personally, I do not care for the retail sector. I know that TGT and WMT are both very popular holdings among the dividend blogging community. Definitely for good reason in the past, I'm just not so convinced about it's long term prospects going forward.

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