Sunday, July 3, 2016

Month summary: June 2016

In my last months review I wrote that Ive increased my active income every month this year and thought it cant go on forever so June should be lower than May. I was wrong and made another record in active income which means more money to invest as my savings rate was 94%
Lets see what July will bring!

And now the more important part - passive income

First p2p lending -

Bondora - interest earned 9,53 EUR, I havent added any extra money there, just have around 1100 EUR circling there.
Viventor - only 50 EUR invested there and the interest earned on that sum was 0,28 EUR. Active loan selecting is really slow there but the auto-invest option works really well.
Mintos - my favourite one from the P2P lending sites because of how well the site works, communication with investors and of course the buy back guarantee. Also the interest rates are really high on 13,5%. Mogo would like to lower the interest rates to sub 10% though but they probably wont do it too soon because then investors would just choose other borrowers and they would lose more than gain from the change.
Interest earned from Mintos was 44,35 EUR, I invested an extra 600 EUR in there too.

Real estate-

June was quiet on Estateguru, I didnt lend any extra money but I still have 2 loans slowly ticking there and they should be paid back with interest in 2017 Spring.


I made 2 buys in June-
85 shares of STON @ 21,44 EUR (1822 EUR) -10.9% yield
29 shares of TGT @ 59,5 EUR (1725 EUR) - 3.6% yield

TGT is a strong dividend champion and I got it with a really nice price tag. STON is a bit more riskier buy, it has some dividend history though and is also included on Fischs dividend CCC list.

Dividends received- 307,89 EUR

MAIN - 24,42 EUR
CVX - 15,42 EUR
F - 16 EUR
IBM - 18,05 EUR
TVEAT1 - 234 EUR

Junes money invested in stocks and p2p lending should increase my monthly income by around 28,4 EUR

I would also like to link some articles that caught my attention and are too good to not share:
InvestorPeek - dividend growth investing exposed
Strongly recommend to read this to understand dividend growths power better and actually see it in work

Dividendlife - is dividend growth better than yield
Another good one to understand the growth better

Whats next?
I would really like to buy some more dividend champions but the prices are really really high at the moment, I will probably have to wait for a bit to get more but then Its possible to buy more at once and save a bit on commission fees.

All in all Im really happy with June and I will keep investing agressively!

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