Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Month summary: September 2016

Weather is slowly getting colder and colder but on the bright side the stock prices have dropped a bit compared to summer months.
In stocks I bought 60 shares of Coca-Cola (KO) at the price of 42,67 USD per share which added 84 USD to my annual dividend income.

Dividends were paid by 6 different companies (all payments were in USD but converted to EUR):
CVX 15,46 EUR
F 15,98 EUR
IBM 18,1 EUR
TGT 13,24 EUR
FLO 24,38 EUR

Total 96,74 EUR

And the social lending platforms:

First my favourite one Mintos 
Interest earned 64,34 EUR
and my current portfolio stands at 6264 EUR as I added another 300 EUR in there.
Plan is to slowly keep adding extra funds.

Interest earned 8,44 EUR
Current portfolio is worth 1075 EUR
Plan is to reinvest interest but not add nor withdraw anything.

Interest earned 0,45 EUR
Current portfolio 51,82 EUR
Plan is the same as in Bondora, just to keep the money in and let it grow.

Interest earned 0 EUR
Current portfolio 470 EUR
That money is divided into 2 different loans which should be paid back with interest next year.

Total passive income for September was 185,97 EUR and the average monthly income so far this year is 203,5 EUR. Next year it should be easily over 300 which gives me level 1 financial independence! Meaning that my passive income will be able to pay for food and shelter / the basic needs.


  1. Looking good. Keep plugging along and you will get your basic needs paid for then anything else is gravy

  2. Great list of stocks paying you here. An average income of 200 EUR a month is fantastic.

    1. It really is, especially when considering that I made my first ever stock buy around 18 months ago :)

  3. Great list of companies.. we share TGT and F! both great dividend paying companies. Feel free to check out my other positions sometime. Keep up the amazing work