Wednesday, September 14, 2016

I bought Coca-Cola while being on a diet

Wait what? TOO MUCH CARBS!!!

You can relax, I just bought the stock! Ive been waiting for this, I dont know why but Ive always wanted to own KO shares. Finally the price is dropping and I bought 60 shares at the price of 42,67 USD per share with a 3.3% dividend yield. Solid company that has been raising its dividend for over 50 years around 8% per year.

And actually I didnt lie, I bought some Coca-Cola Zero, Its great to kill some cravings while being on a diet.
Since Im on the topic, fat loss is going according to plan Ive lost over 3kg-s of fat - around 140g per day on average. Ill post some pictures at the end of September :)


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