Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Month summary: December 2016

At the start of every month I will make a small summary of my previous month. I will report my passive incomes and then will make a small summary what I think about the previous month, check for mistakes that have been made and how to improve my portfolio in the future.

Passive incomes:
Stocks- 252 EUR 

CVX 16,5 EUR
F 16,59 EUR
IBM 19,17 EUR
FLO 25,77 EUR
KO 14,07 EUR

P2P lending-
Mintos-  71,32 EUR (6528 EUR on platform)
Bondora- 9,33 EUR (1067 EUR on platform)
Viventor-  0,8 EUR (53,69 EUR on platform)

Real estate crowdfunding-
Estateguru- 20,12 EUR

Other investments: 16 EUR

Total passive income: 367,59 EUR

Savings from income 92,7%

Short summary:
Month went by really fast and theres not much to say about it. Stock prices are getting really high again and its hard to find any attractive enough prices to buy. REITs are still quite attractive though, I managed to grab some shares of Realty Income, its really nice that they pay dividends every month.
Apart from the stock buy I didnt add any extra money anywhere else.
Overall the month was great as I managed to save a bit more than usually and the passive income was above average :)
I still havent used my car and keep on using my bike for transport which helps to save a lot more money and make me healthier.


  1. Nice monthly income. I agree with you on stock prices, it's a bit crazy out there. I see some deals in healthcare, REITS, and consumer staples. But overall, it's a bit insane.

    1. Yeah, its way too expensive so Ill just wait until something drops the prices again.