Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Month summary: January 2017

At the start of every month I will make a small summary of my previous month. I will report my passive incomes and then will make a small summary what I think about the previous month, check for mistakes that have been made and how to improve my portfolio in the future.

Passive income total: 153,6 EUR

Stocks- 60,61 EUR

OHI 3,04 USD
MAIN 18,87 USD
HCP 13,27 USD
MO 20,74 USD
O 9,47 USD

P2P lending-
Mintos- 68,8 EUR
Bondora- 7,42 EUR
Viventor- 0,8 EUR

Real estate crowdfunding-
Estateguru- 0 EUR

 Other investments- 16 EUR

Savings from income 94,4%

Short summary:
From 2017 I have a bit more free time as I work only part time (60%) on my main previously full time job. This means 40% less earned from that job. I cant invest as much as previously but the extra free time is worth it, Ive been grinding 7 days per week for a few years now and its time to slow down. Plan is to work only 20h per week soon, at the moment its a bit over 40 I think and it used to be over 60h....
Even if I dont add any extra money to my investments I should be easily able to retire 100% before the age of 30 by just reinvesting the interests, but I will keep adding more money to do it sooner :)


  1. 153 euro kicks but and is a great amount keep it up

    1. Hey,

      Yeah its great if you compare it to last years total of around 60 EUR :)

  2. Nice income and it comes from some great companies. Congrats.

    1. Thanks! Cant wait to get more quality companies. The prices are just too high at the moment, Im even considering selling Apple as it reached its all time high!

  3. I might be able to pull the trigger on MAIN sometime this year to max to my ROTH IRA. Congrats to you on January's dividend income. Keep it up!

    1. MAIN is great and you gotta love those monthly payments!