Friday, March 10, 2017

Month summary: February 2017

At the start of every month I will make a small summary of my previous month. I will report my passive incomes and then will make a small summary what I think about the previous month, check for mistakes that have been made and how to improve my portfolio in the future.

Passive income: 238,01 EUR

Stocks- 147,85 EUR
OHI 68,51 USD
MAIN 11,01 USD
OKE 19,34 USD
STON 17,76 USD
O 9,84 USD
ABBV 21,76 USD

P2P lending-
Mintos- 67,84 EUR
Bondora- 6,01 EUR
Viventor-  0,31 EUR

Real estate crowdfunding-
Estateguru- 0

Other: 16 EUR

Savings from income 26%

Short summary:
Savings are much smaller because I bought myself a new PC, I build it from parts and chose upper level parts which made it quite expensive but it should be able to run everything for the next 5-10 years easily. If you divide the cost of the PC on all the upcoming months I will use it, then its not so expensive anymore :)

Im glad that spring is finally coming and the weather should get warmer soon, theres already so much more light outside and the days are longer. Things on the stock market are not so bright as the prices are still too high to buy anything. Lets see what the prices will do in upcoming months, Id like to buy something already :)

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