Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Month summary: August 2015

August went by really fast and finally there were some days with proper summer weather. Im the one who prefers at least 25+ C though, +30C would be perfect :) Maybe I live in the wrong country? I dont think so because I like it here, I like the change of weather but Id prefer shorter winters and warmer summers. Winters are short at the moment but unfortunately summers too.

Enough of weather, lets talk about savings in August now. Savings rate was 85% but I didnt save much more, just had some more extra work which increased active incomes.

My favourite part - passive incomes.

Lets start with Bondora. I received 20,24 EUR interest from there. I added 140 EUR of extra money in my portfolio and had a plan to add around as much monthly until the end of 2015 but as they made some changes again, Im not so sure. I havent looked into the changes yet so I dont know what to expect but Id like my portfolio to be as passive as possible. If I have to learn about changes all the time then it becomes like an active job and I dont like it.

Im much happier with Mintos, I didnt add any money this month but probably will in September. I received 16,03 EUR in interest and late payment fees. I think that a few mogo loans went 60+ days late and I got my money instantly back, not sure where I can cofirm it on the site though.

From Estateguru I received 5,63 EUR of interest and I added 400 EUR to a new project. So far all good with Estateguru and I really like that all the loans are for only 8-18 months. In bondora your money is stuck for 60 months for comparison. Anyway Ill probably add some more money on my account for new projects as they seem to fill up very fast and if you dont have any free money on your account then you might miss your chance to invest in new project.

And finally the dividends. I received 4,8 EUR from BBEP, this is also the only company in my portfolio that pays dividends monthly.
To increase my dividend incomes I bought some more stocks in August. I added 324 shares of TKM1T at the price of 6,16 EUR per share with 6,49% dividend yield. Lets see how the prices change in September but I definately want some more dividend paying stocks from the baltic market.

In August I received a total of 46,70 EUR in passive incomes. Which is a bit more than 9% of my set first level of financial independence.

Total I have invested 11779,7 EUR which is really close to my 2015 total goal of 13k.

And a graph to show how my investments are divided.

 I will continue very aggressive investing at least until 2016 summer but probably even longer. I think that its important to be as aggressive as possible in the beginning. When passive incomes are bigger then you can slow down a bit as the passive incomes itself will build up your portfolio nicely :)

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