Friday, September 11, 2015

Stock buy!

A few days ago I bought some more TKM1T from baltic market.
I got 180 shares for 6.15EUR
and 145 shares for 6.14
Total 325 shares with a 6,5% yield.
I achieved one of my this years goals to get at least 8000 EUR worth of stocks in my portfolio and Im planning to buy more soon :)
I prefer stocks over other investments in my portfolio because I could always sell them easily (price might be lower though but its still possible to sell them) and I like to invest in companies instead of giving out loans for people to buy stuff they dont need (all loans are not taken on that purpose but a big chunk of them are).
Anyway Ill keep my eyes open for some other stocks soon, Im planning to buy some every month or after every 2 months. And not only from the baltic market so the choice of stocks is huge :)

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