Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Month summary: July 2016

Last 2 weeks I took out some of my vacation days from my most time consuming job. I got to taste what it is like to work only part time - something I want to start doing soon! Maybe even next summer Im going to quit my job and work only half time or continue doing it but only 2-3 days per week if my employer agrees with it. I kinda like the job but it just takes too much time and I dont have any time left for other things like training. Its quite hard to do any high intensity training after a long day at work, youre just mentally exhausted. In speed and strength type of sports you need to be fresh and sharp not sluggish...
During my vacation days my physical activity was much higher - according to my Polar watch it was almost 3x higher than normally :)
A lot of the time was spent on bikes:
In the forest -

 On the roads-
And on everything normal people dont ride their bikes on -
And the time I wasnt on my bikes I spent in the gym or outside doing street workout/calisthenics:
130kg / 290lbs Bench press for 7 reps (yeah I know I cheated a bit with hips)
Deadlift 180kg / 400lbs for 5 reps - Instagram link
(you can also hit the follow button on instagram if you would like to :)

Training side in July was a lot of fun but the investing side was actually quite boring.
My savings rate was good but not as good as the last months have been. I managed to save 83,75% of my active income and all of it will be invested!

Ive collected quite a decent amount of cash to invest because the stock prices have been too high for the last 2 months, there isnt much to buy at the moment. I didnt buy any stocks in July - really boring I know... but I still collected some dividends:

SFG1T - 180 EUR
MAIN - 9,67 EUR

total - 189,67 EUR

SFG1T was the big payer this month and it raised its dividend by 50% compared to last year, which was a really nice surprise :)

Stocks pay dividends annually or quarterly so Its nice that from social lending I get some interest every month.

Still my favourite one - Mintos  paid me 49,83 EUR of interest, plus I invested another 600 EUR in the platform.
If you would like to give Mintos a try then feel free to use my referral link:
Referral link

With that we will both benefit. Text from their site:
Once your friend registers via the link and starts investing, we will reward both of you with 1% of their invested amount.

The reward will be calculated based on the average daily invested balance over a 3-month period and paid in three installments — 30, 60, and 90 days after the registration date.

For example, Daniel refers Sara who starts investing via Mintos marketplace. After 30 days the average invested balance Sara has had over the period is EUR 3,500, so we will credit 1% of EUR 3,500 (or EUR 35) into Daniel's investor account, and another EUR 35 into Sara's investor account. After 60 and 90 days we will review the average invested balance again and, if it increases, credit both Daniel's and Sara's investor account accordingly.

Bondora earned me 10,65 EUR of interest. I have a bit more than 1000 EUR in there and Ill just keep it that way - not adding nor taking out any money.
Viventor made me 0,28 EUR just like last month and my 50 EUR in there is becoming 51 EUR next month. 1 EUR in 3 months seems like nothing but actually its a 2% capital increase in less than 3 months, which is not bad at all.

And the total passive income  for July was - 266,43 EUR
which makes around half of my financial independence level 1. Everything over that can be invested or spent on unnecessary stuff.

After all July was a great month as I had a lot of the most valuable resource - free time :)

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