Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Month summary: August 2016

Summer went by really fast and its already dark outside while Im writing this post, just a few weeks ago during the same time it was possible to catch some last sun rays outside. Luckily I had 2 weeks more vacation during that time and like usually I spent that time mostly on my bikes :)

I finally gathered some motivation to reach my sub 10% bodyfat goal this year and I should be able to get there during September If I keep my diet strict. Im already much drier but Ill post before and after pictures when Ive reached my goal!

About investing in August. Stock prices are still high but I found a hidden gem and bought 200 shares of FLO. Price was great and it added 128 USD to my annual dividend income.

My P2P lending sites:

I invested 500 EUR more in Mintos.
And I received 61,54 EUR of interest during the month. First time over 60 EUR per month and it keeps growing!

In Bondora I still have a bit over 1000 EUR ticking and it made me 9,44 EUR of interest during the month. I will just hold the sum in there, not adding nor taking out any money.

Viventor made me 0,63 EUR from the 50 EUR I have in there.

From some other loans I received 16 EUR of interest.

And now my favourite part the dividends! I like them the most because I really believe in the dividend growth- at first the % you earn is really small but if it grows 5-15% every year then at some point the snowball effect will be really strong.

I received dividends from the following companies:
OHI 30,79 EUR
OKE 17,17 EUR
HCP 22,73 EUR
STON 34,86 EUR

total 122,36 EUR

To sum it all up I received 209,97 EUR which I didnt have to work for :) this makes up to 42% of my level 1 financial independence - at 100% I would be able to pay for the most basic needs like food and housing. Now I just continue to invest aggressively and hopefully I can get some solid stocks for better price in Fall.


  1. Thanks for sharing your recent dividend update. Nice to see a name in common paying us both in August. Earning 210 in Euro for not lifting a finger must feel nice.

    1. It does feel nice :) but still a lot to improve!