Thursday, July 16, 2015

Current training plan

My main goal is to get more POWERFUL, to do that I need to increase my relative strength. Which means shredding off excess fat (that stuff only glues me on the ground) and get stronger while not increasing too much muscle mass.

I measure my bodyfat twice every week to see where Im at, at the moment im at 12% so getting under 10% is not very far. Should be just a few weeks away :)

My current week plan looks like this:

Strength training

Monday - heavy lifting in the gym
Single leg squats 6x3
hamstring curls 3x10
bench press 4x10
weighted pull ups 4x8
cable flies 3x12
weighted rows with cable 3x12

and some assistance excercises for arms, shoulders and core

Wednesday and Friday

As its summer I like to train outside as much as possible so on these 2 days im doing bodyweight work.

Pull ups 4x8
dips 4x8
handstand pushups 4x8
Interval sprinting for 8-12min

On these I progress with excercise variations


On wednesday and saturday mornings I ride with my road bike for an hour.


Monday morning and thursday night is technique training
On tuesdays I ride long sections and on every other day I ride as much as I can/want to for fun :)

A few videos of this weeks strength training:



  1. Nice blog! What is your weight?

    1. at the moment im 96kg
      Ill write about my personal stats and body changing goals soon :)