Thursday, July 9, 2015

Month summary: June 2015

June was a busy month and went by really fast.

First lets see how am I doing in the 50% savings club, I managed to save 83,4% of my income which is a really really good result :)

Passive incomes!

In bondora I got 22,72 interest, not much more to say about it, I still have more bankrupt loans than I have gained interest in the 8 months Ive invested there. The system was a bit different when I started and I gave out big chunks of money to wrong lenders :(
I dont plan to add any more money into bondora yet, Ill see how the current portfolio performs for a while.

I also started to invest in Mintos. I put 700 EUR in there at start and gained 1,32 EUR interest in June. So far I really like it and I plan to add more money in there.

I didnt gain any dividends in June but I bought 130 shares of Tallinna vesi at the price of 13,5EUR which should give dividend yield of 6,7%. Im definitely going to buy more of that stock when the price will drop a bit more.

600 EUR went also into estateguru to Pakri project, it should raise my passive income 5,6 EUR every month.

Total passive income was 24,04 EUR which is around 7 EUR more than last month. Small sums but Im investing quite aggressively now and the incomes should change a lot in the upcoming months!

Stay tuned!

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