Tuesday, July 21, 2015

My body stats and vertical progress

One of my goals is to achieve 90cm / 35" standing vertical jump this year. I can already do it with a run up but from a standstill my current vert is at 82cm / 32". I still have 5 months to achieve it :) so it should be doable.

Heres a vid of some vertical testing with box jumps after training yesterday.

To do that I need to get myself more powerful, Im mainly focusing on max strength at the moment. Plus I need to shred some more excess fat off, I was at 10,7% bodyfat level 3 weeks ago but now Im at 13% :( Reason for that is too much carbs, Ive eaten too many sweets lately, time to stop now and discipline myself again. Worst part of too much sugar is that it makes me sluggish and tired all the time. Id rather feel energetic which also gives more motivation to do everything I do.

I will write more about my current diet strategy soon, keyword is intermittent fasting.

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